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class Struct::Tms
Parent: Struct
Version: 1.6


This structure is returned by Time.times . It holds information on process times on those platforms that support it. Not all values are valid on all platforms.

This structure contains the following instance variables and the corresponding accessors:

utime Amount of User CPU time, in seconds
stime Amount of System CPU time, in seconds
cutime Completed child processes' User CPU time, in seconds (always 0 on Windows NT)
cstime Completed child processes' System CPU time, in seconds (always 0 on Windows NT)

See also Struct on page 380 and Time.times on page 393.

t = Time.times
[ t.utime, t.stime] [0.06, 0.0]
[ t.cutime, t.cstime ] [0.0, 0.0]

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