class RDoc::Markup::ToLabel

Creates HTML-safe labels suitable for use in id attributes. Tidylinks are converted to their link part and cross-reference links have the suppression marks removed (\SomeClass is converted to SomeClass).

Public Class Methods

new(markup = nil) click to toggle source

Creates a new formatter that will output HTML-safe labels

Calls superclass method RDoc::Markup::Formatter::new
# File rdoc/markup/to_label.rb, line 16
def initialize markup = nil
  super nil, markup

  @markup.add_regexp_handling RDoc::CrossReference::CROSSREF_REGEXP, :CROSSREF
  @markup.add_regexp_handling(/(((\{.*?\})|\b\S+?)\[\S+?\])/, :TIDYLINK)

  add_tag :BOLD, '', ''
  add_tag :TT,   '', ''
  add_tag :EM,   '', ''

  @res = []

Public Instance Methods

convert(text) click to toggle source

Converts text to an HTML-safe label

# File rdoc/markup/to_label.rb, line 32
def convert text
  label = convert_flow @am.flow text

  CGI.escape(label).gsub('%', '-').sub(/^-/, '')
handle_regexp_CROSSREF(target) click to toggle source

Converts the CROSSREF target to plain text, removing the suppression marker, if any

# File rdoc/markup/to_label.rb, line 42
def handle_regexp_CROSSREF target
  text = target.text

  text.sub(/^\\/, '')