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  • rdoc/markup/to_label.rb
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RDoc produces documentation for Ruby source files by parsing the source and extracting the definition for classes, modules, methods, includes and requires. It associates these with optional documentation contained in an immediately preceding comment block then renders the result using an output formatter.

For a simple introduction to writing or generating documentation using RDoc see the README.


If you think you found a bug in RDoc see Bugs at CONTRIBUTING

If you want to use RDoc to create documentation for your Ruby source files, see RDoc::Markup and refer to rdoc --help for command line usage.

If you want to set the default markup format see Supported Formats at RDoc::Markup

If you want to store rdoc configuration in your gem (such as the default markup format) see Saved Options at RDoc::Options

If you want to write documentation for Ruby files see RDoc::Parser::Ruby

If you want to write documentation for extensions written in C see RDoc::Parser::C

If you want to generate documentation using rake see RDoc::Task.

If you want to drive RDoc programmatically, see RDoc::RDoc.

If you want to use the library to format text blocks into HTML or other formats, look at RDoc::Markup.

If you want to make an RDoc plugin such as a generator or directive handler see RDoc::RDoc.

If you want to write your own output generator see RDoc::Generator.

If you want an overview of how RDoc works see Bugs at CONTRIBUTING


RDoc is currently being maintained by Eric Hodel <>.

Dave Thomas <> is the original author of RDoc.

  • The Ruby parser in rdoc/parse.rb is based heavily on the outstanding work of Keiju ISHITSUKA of Nippon Rational Inc, who produced the Ruby parser for irb and the rtags package.

frozen_string_literal: true



RDoc modifiers for attributes


RDoc modifiers for classes


RDoc modifiers for constants


Name of the dotfile that contains the description of files to be processed in the current directory


General RDoc modifiers


Ruby’s built-in classes, modules and exceptions


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Method visibilities

Public Class Methods

load_yaml() click to toggle source

Loads the best available YAML library.

               # File rdoc.rb, line 107
def self.load_yaml
    gem 'psych'
  rescue NameError => e # --disable-gems
    raise unless == :gem
  rescue Gem::LoadError

    require 'psych'
  rescue ::LoadError
    require 'yaml'