class Rinda::RingProvider

RingProvider uses a RingServer advertised TupleSpace as a name service. TupleSpace clients can register themselves with the remote TupleSpace and look up other provided services via the remote TupleSpace.

Services are registered with a tuple of the format [:name, klass, DRbObject, description].

Public Class Methods

new(klass, front, desc, renewer = nil) click to toggle source

Creates a RingProvider that will provide a klass service running on front, with a description. renewer is optional.

# File rinda/ring.rb, line 469
def initialize(klass, front, desc, renewer = nil)
  @tuple = [:name, klass, front, desc]
  @renewer = renewer ||

Public Instance Methods

provide() click to toggle source

Advertises this service on the primary remote TupleSpace.

# File rinda/ring.rb, line 477
def provide
  ts = Rinda::RingFinger.primary
  ts.write(@tuple, @renewer)