module Net::IMAP::SASL

Pluggable authentication mechanisms for protocols which support SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer), such as IMAP4, SMTP, LDAP, and XMPP. RFC-4422 specifies the common SASL framework and the EXTERNAL mechanism, and the SASL mechanism registry lists the specification for others.

“SASL is conceptually a framework that provides an abstraction layer between protocols and mechanisms as illustrated in the following diagram.”

    SMTP    LDAP    XMPP   Other protocols ...
       \       |    |      /
        \      |    |     /
       SASL abstraction layer
        /      |    |     \
       /       |    |      \
EXTERNAL   GSSAPI  PLAIN   Other mechanisms ...

Public Instance Methods

saslprep(string, **opts) click to toggle source

See SASLprep#saslprep.

# File net-imap-, line 69
def saslprep(string, **opts)
  SASLprep.saslprep(string, **opts)