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  • cgi/core.rb


Mixin module that provides the following:

  1. Access to the CGI environment variables as methods. See documentation to the CGI class for a list of these variables. The methods are exposed by removing the leading HTTP_ (if it exists) and downcasing the name. For example, auth_type will return the environment variable AUTH_TYPE, and accept will return the value for HTTP_ACCEPT.

  2. Access to cookies, including the cookies attribute.

  3. Access to parameters, including the params attribute, and overloading [] to perform parameter value lookup by key.

  4. The initialize_query method, for initializing the above mechanisms, handling multipart forms, and allowing the class to be used in “offline” mode.



Get the cookies as a hash of cookie-name=>Cookie pairs.


Get the uploaded files as a hash of name=>values pairs


Get the parameters as a hash of name=>values pairs, where values is an Array.

Public Instance Methods

[](key) click to toggle source

Get the value for the parameter with a given key.

If the parameter has multiple values, only the first will be retrieved; use params to get the array of values.

               # File cgi/core.rb, line 703
def [](key)
  params = @params[key]
  return '' unless params
  value = params[0]
  if @multipart
    if value
      return value
    elsif defined? StringIO"".b)
    else"CGI",encoding: Encoding::ASCII_8BIT)
    str = if value then value.dup else "" end
has_key?(*args) click to toggle source

Returns true if a given query string parameter exists.

               # File cgi/core.rb, line 727
def has_key?(*args)
Also aliased as: key?, include?
include?(*args) click to toggle source
Alias for: has_key?
key?(*args) click to toggle source
Alias for: has_key?
keys(*args) click to toggle source

Return all query parameter names as an array of String.

               # File cgi/core.rb, line 722
def keys(*args)
multipart?() click to toggle source

Returns whether the form contained multipart/form-data

               # File cgi/core.rb, line 695
def multipart?
params=(hash) click to toggle source

Set all the parameters.

               # File cgi/core.rb, line 463
def params=(hash)
raw_cookie2() click to toggle source

Get the raw RFC2965 cookies as a string.

               # File cgi/core.rb, line 448
def raw_cookie2