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Public Instance Methods

nonblock {|io| } → io click to toggle source
nonblock(boolean) {|io| } → io

Yields self in non-blocking mode.

When false is given as an argument, self is yielded in blocking mode. The original mode is restored after the block is executed.

               static VALUE
rb_io_nonblock_block(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE io)
    int nb = 1;
    rb_io_t *fptr;
    int f, restore[2];

    GetOpenFile(io, fptr);
    if (argc > 0) {
        VALUE v;
        rb_scan_args(argc, argv, "01", &v);
        nb = RTEST(v);
    f = io_nonblock_mode(fptr->fd);
    restore[0] = fptr->fd;
    restore[1] = f;
    if (!io_nonblock_set(fptr->fd, f, nb))
        return rb_yield(io);
    return rb_ensure(rb_yield, io, io_nonblock_restore, (VALUE)restore);
nonblock = boolean → boolean click to toggle source

Enables non-blocking mode on a stream when set to true, and blocking mode when set to false.

               static VALUE
rb_io_nonblock_set(VALUE io, VALUE nb)
    rb_io_t *fptr;
    GetOpenFile(io, fptr);
    if (RTEST(nb))
        io_nonblock_set(fptr->fd, io_nonblock_mode(fptr->fd), RTEST(nb));
    return io;
nonblock? → boolean click to toggle source

Returns true if an IO object is in non-blocking mode.

               static VALUE
rb_io_nonblock_p(VALUE io)
    rb_io_t *fptr;
    GetOpenFile(io, fptr);
    if (io_nonblock_mode(fptr->fd) & O_NONBLOCK)
        return Qtrue;
    return Qfalse;