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TaskArguments manage the arguments passed to a task.



Argument names

Public Class Methods

new(names, values, parent=nil) click to toggle source

Create a TaskArgument object with a list of argument names and a set of associated values. parent is the parent argument object.

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 14
def initialize(names, values, parent=nil)
  @names = names
  @parent = parent
  @hash = {}
  @values = values
  names.each_with_index { |name, i|
    @hash[name.to_sym] = values[i] unless values[i].nil?

Public Instance Methods

[](index) click to toggle source

Find an argument value by name or index.

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 42
def [](index)
each(&block) click to toggle source

Enumerates the arguments and their values

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 54
def each(&block)
extras() click to toggle source

Retrieve the list of values not associated with named arguments

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 30
def extras
  @values[@names.length..-1] || []
has_key?(key) click to toggle source

Returns true if key is one of the arguments

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 82
def has_key?(key)
method_missing(sym, *args) click to toggle source

Returns the value of the given argument via #method_missing

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 64
def method_missing(sym, *args)
new_scope(names) click to toggle source

Create a new argument scope using the prerequisite argument names.

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 36
def new_scope(names)
  values = { |n| self[n] }, values + extras, self)
to_a() click to toggle source

Retrieve the complete array of sequential values

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 25
def to_a
to_hash() click to toggle source

Returns a Hash of arguments and their values

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 69
def to_hash
values_at(*keys) click to toggle source

Extracts the argument values at keys

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 59
def values_at(*keys) { |k| lookup(k) }
with_defaults(defaults) click to toggle source

Specify a hash of default values for task arguments. Use the defaults only if there is no specific value for the given argument.

               # File rake/task_arguments.rb, line 49
def with_defaults(defaults)
  @hash = defaults.merge(@hash)

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