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frozen_string_literal: true

Represents a possible Specification object returned from IndexSet. Used to delay needed to download full Specification objects when only the name and version are needed.

Public Class Methods

new(set, name, version, source, platform) click to toggle source

An IndexSpecification is created from the index format described in `gem help generate_index`.

The set contains other specifications for this (URL) source.

The name, version and platform are the name, version and platform of the gem.

               # File rubygems/resolver/index_specification.rb, line 18
def initialize(set, name, version, source, platform)

  @set = set
  @name = name
  @version = version
  @source = source
  @platform = platform.to_s

  @spec = nil

Public Instance Methods

dependencies() click to toggle source

The dependencies of the gem for this specification

               # File rubygems/resolver/index_specification.rb, line 33
def dependencies