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module TclTk: collection of tcl/tk utilities (supplies namespace.)

Public Class Methods

_addcallback(ca) click to toggle source

TclTk._addcallback(ca): register callback

ca: callback(TclTkCallback)
               # File tk/lib/tcltk.rb, line 53
def TclTk._addcallback(ca)
  print("_addcallback: ", ca.to_s(), "\n") if $DEBUG
  @callback[ca.to_s()] = ca
_callcallback(key, arg) click to toggle source

TclTk._callcallback(key, arg): invoke registered callback

key: key to select callback (to_s value of the TclTkCallback)
arg: parameter from tcl/tk interpreter
               # File tk/lib/tcltk.rb, line 61
def TclTk._callcallback(key, arg)
  print("_callcallback: ", @callback[key].inspect, "\n") if $DEBUG
  # throw out callback value
  # should return String to satisfy rb_eval_string()
  return ""
_newname(prefix) click to toggle source

TclTk._newname(prefix): generate unique name(String)

prefix: prefix of the unique name
               # File tk/lib/tcltk.rb, line 71
def TclTk._newname(prefix)
  # generated name counter is stored in @namecnt
  if !@namecnt.key?(prefix)
    # first appearing prefix, initialize
    @namecnt[prefix] = 1
    # already appeared prefix, generate next name
    @namecnt[prefix] += 1
  return "#{prefix}#{@namecnt[prefix]}"
dcb(ca, wid, w) click to toggle source

::dcb(ca, wid, W): call ::deletecallbackkey for each callbacks

  in an array.
  this is for callback for top-level <Destroy>
ca: array of callbacks(TclTkCallback)
wid: top-level widget(TclTkWidget)
w: information about window given by %W(String)
               # File tk/lib/tcltk.rb, line 43
def TclTk.dcb(ca, wid, w)
  if wid.to_s() == w
deletecallbackkey(ca) click to toggle source

::deletecallbackkey: remove callback from TclTk module

  this does not remove callbacks from tcl/tk interpreter
  without calling this method, TclTkInterpreter will not be GCed
ca: callback(TclTkCallback)
               # File tk/lib/tcltk.rb, line 32
def TclTk.deletecallbackkey(ca)
  print("deletecallbackkey: ", ca.to_s(), "\n") if $DEBUG
mainloop() click to toggle source

::mainloop: call TclTkLib.mainloop

               # File tk/lib/tcltk.rb, line 22
def TclTk.mainloop()
  print("mainloop: start\n") if $DEBUG
  print("mainloop: end\n") if $DEBUG

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