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XML-RPC calls look nicer!

You can call any method onto objects of that class - the object handles #method_missing and will forward the method call to a XML-RPC server.

Don’t use this class directly, instead use the public instance method XMLRPC::Client#proxy or XMLRPC::Client#proxy2.

require "xmlrpc/client"

server ="", "/RPC2", 80)

michael  = server.proxy("michael")
michael2 = server.proxy("michael", 4)

# both calls should return the same value '9'.
p michael.add(4,5)
p michael2.add(5)

Public Class Methods

new(server, prefix, args=[], meth=:call, delim=".") click to toggle source

Creates an object which provides #method_missing.

The given server must be an instance of XMLRPC::Client, which is the XML-RPC server to be used for a XML-RPC call.

prefix and delim will be prepended to the method name called onto this object.

An optional parameter meth is the method to use for a RPC. It can be either, call, call2, call_async, call2_async

args are arguments which are automatically given to every XML-RPC call before being provided through method_missing.

               # File xmlrpc/client.rb, line 607
def initialize(server, prefix, args=[], meth=:call, delim=".")
  @server = server
  @prefix = prefix ? prefix + delim : ""
  @args   = args
  @meth   = meth

Public Instance Methods

method_missing(mid, *args) click to toggle source

Every method call is forwarded to the XML-RPC server defined in XMLRPC::Client::Proxy#new.

Note: Inherited methods from class Object cannot be used as XML-RPC names, because they get around method_missing.

               # File xmlrpc/client.rb, line 619
def method_missing(mid, *args)
  pre = @prefix + mid.to_s
  arg = @args + args
  @server.send(@meth, pre, *arg)

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