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An HTTP Proxy server which proxies GET, HEAD and POST requests.

To create a simple proxy server:

require 'webrick'
require 'webrick/httpproxy'

proxy = Port: 8000

trap 'INT'  do proxy.shutdown end
trap 'TERM' do proxy.shutdown end


See ::new for proxy-specific configuration items.

Modifying proxied responses

To modify content the proxy server returns use the :ProxyContentHandler option:

handler = proc do |req, res|
  if res['content-type'] == 'text/plain' then
    res.body << "\nThis content was proxied!\n"

proxy = Port: 8000, ProxyContentHandler: handler

Public Class Methods

new(config={}, default=Config::HTTP) click to toggle source

Proxy server configurations. The proxy server handles the following configuration items in addition to those supported by HTTPServer:


Called with a request and response to authorize a request


Appended to the via header


The proxy server's URI


Called with a request and response and allows modification of the response


Sets the proxy timeouts to 30 seconds for open and 60 seconds for read operations

               # File webrick/httpproxy.rb, line 83
def initialize(config={}, default=Config::HTTP)
  super(config, default)
  c = @config
  @via = "#{c[:HTTPVersion]} #{c[:ServerName]}:#{c[:Port]}"