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ERBHandler evaluates an ERB file and returns the result. This handler is automatically used if there are .rhtml files in a directory served by the FileHandler.

ERBHandler supports GET and POST methods.

The ERB file is evaluated with the local variables servlet_request and servlet_response which are a WEBrick::HTTPRequest and WEBrick::HTTPResponse respectively.

Example .rhtml file:

Request to <%= servlet_request.request_uri %>

Query params <%= servlet_request.query.inspect %>

Public Class Methods

new(server, name) click to toggle source

Creates a new ERBHandler on server that will evaluate and serve the ERB file name

               # File webrick/httpservlet/erbhandler.rb, line 41
def initialize(server, name)
  super(server, name)
  @script_filename = name

Public Instance Methods

do_GET(req, res) click to toggle source

Handles GET requests

               # File webrick/httpservlet/erbhandler.rb, line 49
def do_GET(req, res)
  unless defined?(ERB)
    @logger.warn "#{self.class}: ERB not defined."
    raise HTTPStatus::Forbidden, "ERBHandler cannot work."
    data =, &:read)
    res.body = evaluate(, req, res)
    res['content-type'] ||=
      HTTPUtils::mime_type(@script_filename, @config[:MimeTypes])
  rescue StandardError
  rescue Exception => ex
    raise HTTPStatus::InternalServerError, ex.message
Also aliased as: do_POST
do_POST(req, res) click to toggle source

Handles POST requests

Alias for: do_GET